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5 Reasons Why Prinsu is the Best Tacoma Roof Rack.

5 Reasons Why Prinsu is the Best Tacoma Roof Rack.

 We get asked all the time what our favorite roof rack is for the Tacoma is, and it's always an automatic answer, the Prinsu Cabrack, here's why.

tacoma prinsu rack

5. It's High Quality

The Prinsu Cabrack is our best selling rack for a reason, it's extremely well built. All Prinsu racks are handmade in the U.S.A. using high quality aluminum that is then professionally powder coated to protect from the elements and to give it a nice finished look.

The rack utilizes 2"x1" aluminum t-slot channels, which is a universal system so it's easy to mount accessories on it.  All this translates to a high quality premium product.

prinsu tacoma roof rack

4. It's Modular

A huge benefit of the Prinsu rack is that it's modular.  Meaning that you can switch it up to however you'd like. You can have them go over the sunroof to give you more load space, you can have them so the sunroof is fully unobstructed, or you can move them around to mount accessories. This all means that you can set up your rack to your liking and not be locked down to a certain position.

3. It's Easy to Mount Accessories on

Whether you're mounting a rooftop tent (our favorite rooftop tent can be found here, we swear by it), Maxtrax or storage containers, the Prinsu makes it easy on you.  The reason why it's so easy is because of the innovative Prinsu Load Panel which has endless mounting points for accessories. The Prinsu Load Panel can be purchased seperately here.


2. It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty

It's nice to know when buying an expensive accessory for your Tacoma that the company has your back. And when you buy a Prinsu through Tacoma Lifestyle, you're getting exactly that. Not only does Prinsu have a limited lifetime warranty, we at Tacoma Lifestyle are so dedicated to our customers that we will go above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of far after your time of purchase.

1. It's Easy to Install

We know how some parts can be a pain to install, and one of our favorite things about the Prinsu roof racks is that they're so simple to install on your Tacoma. Installation can be done with 1 person and is a quick and easy install. This all means less headache and more time out on the trails in your Tacoma. 


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