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Aftermarket Fog Lights for your Toyota Tacoma

Aftermarket Fog Lights for your Toyota Tacoma

Aftermarket fog lights can take your rig to the next level. Not only does it look good, but the functionality from the different colors such as white, amber, or yellow help tremendously whether on the road or out on a dirt road in the mountains. When choosing your fog light you have tons to think about, do I want white? Do I want amber that is actually amber or do I like the yellow amber? What is my budget? What brand is the best? We hope to help you out with all these questions you might have as we go over these 6 different fog light options for your Tacoma. 


These fog lights from baja designs will do everything you need and more. With such a popular brand name backing them up as a top choice, these lights will light up the night in either a bright white or a piercing yellow. 

This kit is 100% plug and play and is compatible with all 3rd gen Tacoma's. These pack a punch with 3,150 Lumens and will cut through any rain, snow, fog, or dust that you come in contact with. Everything is included for install and you can either choose from a street legal pattern or a brighter option that should only be used off road. 




These diode fog lights are an awesome option in either a white or a yellow. Unlike its competitors in the space these fog lights come with an awesome amber backlight option that adds a level up on the competition. This kit comes with everything needed for installation and is 100% plug and play. The white is a piercing 6000k  color temperature while the yellow comes in with a 3000k temp. You can’t go wrong with these lights, especially with their cool mood lights you can have on when you don’t want to have them off. 





These fog lights might seem confusing with the name 4banger even though it only has 3 LEDs in the fog lights. The reason behind this is they only need 3 to outperform all the other 4 LED fog lights on the market. These fog lights can come in either or white or yellow amber, and change the front end aesthetic on your Tacoma.




These fog lights are one of the brightest in the game. They are the option if you are a fan of the true amber choice. These fog lights also come in a white option bringing in a piercing 2,904 lumens. This kit is 100% plug and play and comes with everything needed for installation. These lights come with a lifetime warranty and are the best bang for your buck. 





These fog lights are the most budget friendly option and come in either amber or white for fog light options. If you love amber but are a fan of the white look these are the fog lights for you. With Cali Raised fog lights they have true amber LEDs so you won’t know what color it is until you turn them on. This plug and play kit comes with everything needed for installation. These CAD designed, CNC cut mounts are designed to fit in place of your factory fog mounts and provide a huge upgrade in lighting performance for you on and off the trail. 




These fog lights turn night into day. Although not street legal, these fog lights pack a punch giving you what you need to wheel in the dark. This fog light comes in either a spot or a combo pattern, and has everything you need for installation. These plug and play lights are easy to install and have a sleek fit in the factory fog location. 





No matter what your choice in aftermarket fog lights is, it will 100% be a better option than the fog lights that come stock. Any one of these fog lights will help you on or off road as far as functionality goes (as well as aesthetically). Let us know what you think we missed as far as fog lights for the Tacoma goes. We would love to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments leave them below! 

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