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Backwoods Adventure Mods: The Only Hybrid Bumper On The Market

Backwoods Adventure Mods: The Only Hybrid Bumper On The Market

Backwoods Adventure Mods is a company out of Arkansas that is 100% manufactured here in the USA. They specialize in their own unique blend of aluminum and steel bumpers. The front and rear bumpers that Backwoods make for your Toyota Tacoma is the ultimate setup you need for your off-road adventures. 


This front bumper for your 3rd gen Tacoma is Backwoods' hybrid steel and aluminum overland front bumper that is available with either a bull bar or no bull bar depending on your preference. This bumper gets its name due to its aggressive high clearance design, as well as its ultra-light weight construction. 

This bumper features a full 26lb aluminum So these are custom made to each order and made here in the USA so they do take about 2-3 weeks to get through production and be sent out to you! paired with a 54lb steel winch cradle. Totaling out to be only 84 pounds! 

The features of this bumper include being designed and manufactured 100% here in the US. It is capable to fit up to a 12,000lb winch, and accepts all hawse fairleads and most roller fairleads. It comes with large cutouts for winch access and winch spooling visibility, and a place for two D-ring shackle mounts. This bumper has also been fabricated to be compatible with factory TSS. 

Find this bumper HERE


This dual swing out rear bumper is made from steel, while the swinging doors are made from aluminum! This keeps the weight significantly lighter than any other rear swing out system, eliminates rust, and allows for easy drilling and configuring of the 2 rear swinging gates for accessories! 

If you are big into exploring the unexplored this rear bumper is a must. It adds not only clearance, but ultimate protection and better departure angles on the rear of your Tacoma. 

This rear bumper comes powder coated black, and with all additional hardware you may need for this installation. You can either order this bumper with the swing arms or without the choice is up to you. 

Find this rear bumper HERE

Find this rear bumper without Dual Swing Out HERE


The other hybrid steel and aluminum rear bumper option from Backwoods is the Hi-lite High Overland rear bumper. This is a simple bolt on installation and is a simple one man install. It also has the option to add two 6' single row led light bars is compatible with your factory hitch! 

This bumper changes the look of the rear of your Tacoma, but also helps protect it 100 times better than the stock rear bumper. The total weight for this bumper is 30lbs, and does not maintain your factory sensors. 

Find this bumper HERE


The team over at Backwoods go above and beyond when designing and manufacturing these bumpers. They decided to ditch the cons and only take the pros of having an aluminum and a steel bumper. Whether you are on the highway or on the trail these rear bumpers will turn heads. Have any questions or comments? Leave them down below! 


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