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Congratulations! You got a brand new, or new to you, Toyota Tacoma! The mods are endless and you don’t know where to start. We are going to help make the first decision for you. The easiest but probably most appealing mods you can do is blacking out the chrome! Chrome looks super dated and Toyota knows this, they typically make you pay some ludicrous amount for high end models to have the chrome blacked out, However we have some affordable, cheap ways to black out the chrome on nearly any year and trim Toyota Tacoma. Blacked out is definitely the style today and nothing looks better than a blacked out Toyota Tacoma! We will be taking you step by step with every mod needed to get rid of as much chrome as you want on your rig. 

Also included will be links to videos wherever possible to show you the simplicity of installing these different options! So! Let's get started:


The first step is to grab the emblem overlay kit. These overlays are compatible for your 3rd gen (2016-2022) Toytoa Tacoma with different options depending on what badges come on your rig. These are the following options you can get: 

  • Tacoma (2 Pieces)
  • Tacoma V6 (3 Pieces)
  • Tacoma 4x4 V6 (4 Pieces)
  • Tacoma SR5 (4 Pieces)
  • Tacoma SR5 V6 (5 Pieces)
  • Tacoma SR5 4x4 (5 Pieces)
  • Tacoma SR5 4x4 V6 (6 Pieces)
  • Tacoma Limited V6 (5 Pieces) 
  • Tacoma Limited 4x4 V6 (6 Pieces) 

This mod is simple, all it takes is you counting up what all badges you have and matching it up to the options above. The install is easy, just follow these steps below.

  1. Clean the chrome badges and preferably dry with a microfiber towel. 
  2. Peel the plastic off the adhesive backing on the overlay and apply and hold for about 30 seconds. 
  3. Admire the beauty of no more chrome.

This install is super easy, and can take up to a whopping 5 minutes of your time.

Find them here: 


This next install is a must. You definitely need to swap out those poor performing chrome OEM turn signals that come with the Tacoma. This super simple plug and play install will not only delete the chrome but will give you a unique sequential while signaling. 

These turn signals will be equipped with a bright amber LED with the options of a black, smoked, or amber lens. These come in a set of two for both mirrors. 

The install is fairly easy and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Below are the steps you should take as well as a video showing the install. 

  1. Remove the plastic cover on your side view mirrors.
  2. Remove the two screws holding the oem turn signal. 
  3. Undo the internal clip attached to the oem turn signal. 
  4. Remove the oem turn signal from the housing. 
  5. Disconnect the oem turn signal and plug in your new signal.
  6. Test the signal and then place it back into the housing. 
  7. Clip it back in, screw in the two screws, and pop the cover back on! 

This product is only compatible for Tacomas from the years 2016-2022 with already existing oem turn signals. Below are videos showing the install, as well as a comparison between the three different color options. 

Find them here: 


There are a few different grille’s that come stock with the Tacoma. The one that trumps all (in our opinion) is the TRD pro grille. This grille is a non-oem product made of high quality materials. With the option of being able to still keep your dynamic radar cruise control or adaptive cruise control you can choose the option of including the TSS Garnish sensor. For all the Tacoma’s with a front facing camera you will need this camera mount ( 

This grille comes in a matte black finish with your choice of Toyota letters in either original silver, black, super white, quicksand, cement, red, or blue. This grille also comes with the option of coming with raptor lights in either original amber, smoked amber, smoked white, or clear white. 

The grille compatibility works with all 3rd gen (2016-2022) Tacoma’s and works with all trim levels. The install is super easy and does not require any cutting or gluing. The steps below are what you need to do to install your new trd pro grille.

  1.  Assemble the pro grille.
  2. Remove oem grille bolts and clips.
  3. Remove TSS Sensor (If you don’t have one skip to step 5)
  4. Transfer TSS Sensor onto your new grille.
  5. Remove oem grille insert.
  6. Install your new pro grille.
  7. Reinstall grille.

Below is an install video that will help you be able to install this grille with confidence. This install should only take about 30-45 minutes. 

Find them here: 



This next mod is going to be taking us to the inside of your rig, but don’t worry we have a few more things for the exterior. This next mod is simple and allows you to either keep the black out theme or add a splash of color to the inside of your Tacoma. 

These door handle covers have two easy and simple steps for installation. 

  1. Choose your color
  2. Snap it on!


So let’s walk you through the hardest part. Choosing a color. These door handles come in black, white, red, cement, quicksand, voodoo blue, army green, lunar rock, or calvary blue. After you choose the color you simply snap that over the existing door handle. These handles are built to last and transform the look of the interior of your Tacoma. The install is so easy all we need is a 3 second gif below and you are good to go. 

Find them here: 



Bumpershellz tacoma rear bumper caps are the easiest and highest quality way to delete that awful rear bumper chrome we know of.  We love these things because the fitment is always spot on, and the install is incredibly easy.

you can can find them here:



This kit changes the look of the inside of your Tacoma coming in 8 different color options to choose from. You can go with red, white, quicksand, cavalry blue, black, cement, mgm, and army green. It gives you the ability to replace the interior chrome rings around your center console cup holder, push to start button, and 4WD selector. 

This install may seem kind of scary, but the install video below makes it super easy and will give you the confidence needed to get this done with ease. 

Find them here: 



Hypothetically you could stop there. We see two types of people in this world, those who take it a step further with their chrome delete and those who didn’t know they needed to take it a step further! We are headed back out to the exterior of the rig and qualify the chrome bowl in the lights to be next on our hit list. 

We will be honest with you, Toyota is not gonna let you get away with deleting the third brake light chrome as easily as the other mods on this list. But with anything in life the more difficult the task the greater the reward. The step by step install video below walks you through the easiest way to get this installed.

This mod is direct plug and play replacing the entire brake light housing. It is a smoked lens with performance LED modes. This brake light gives you the option of either a standard brake or a strobe brake copying the brake of a formula-one race car. 

This is compatible with 3rd gen Tacoma with brake lights that do not have exterior screws. Install time could take about an hour and more than one set of hands will make life easier for this install. 

Find them here: 




I am sure you knew this was coming! There are two different tail lights with different styles and sequential turn signal abilities that makes you unashamed that you accidentally left your blinker on for the last half mile on the interstate. 

Here are our top two favorite tail lights in the game when it comes to your Toyota Tacoma.


Alpharex offers two different options for their tail lights. The first option is their pro series tail lights. These come in either jet black or a smoked red. The pro series tail lights come with four LED tubes as parking lights, with red LED in between the light tubes as brake lights, and a standard blinking turn signal light. This simple plug and play tail light can be installed in minutes! 

The second option that alpharex offers you is their luxx series tail lights. These tail lights have four LED tubes with red being the parking light and brake light. The difference with this series is it gives you an amber LED as a sequential turn signal! This tail light also gives you an amber sequential startup sequence when unlocking your car giving your Tacoma a unique style. 

Find them here: 

Find them here: 



The duo you never knew you needed until now! This collab will be a timeless choice for your Tacoma. They give you the option to snag these with a clear or red lens. These tail lights are 100% LED as well as plug and play for all 3rd gen Tacomas. 

The features for these tail lights come with a sequential flash turn signal mode in amber or a standard flash turn signal in amber. Three distinct red LED pipes for the brakes and satin black internals. 

Whichever set you choose, it is a given that you will be breaking necks wherever you go. The bright LED features help make these tail lights efficient for signaling, braking, and reversing. They are all aesthetically pleasing, so it really just comes down to your style and your budget.

Find them here: 



You are almost there, the last little bit of chrome left to delete on your Tacoma. There are four different options that we stand behind when lighting up the front of your rig. Whatever route you go, these headlights will make it impossible for you to not look back as you walk away and lock your car. With that being said let's get to it! 


Alpharex gives you two different options when choosing headlights for your Tacoma. The first option is their pro series headlights! Now alpharex still wants to show some love to you chrome lovers out there, so the three different color options you can get are chrome, black, and alpha black. 

The pro series comes with a signature activation light feature, which is a sweet sequential light show when you unlock your car. As well as a DRL and sequential signal light tube. 

Up next for alpharex is their nova series. These are a little pricier than the pro series but for a good reason. These headlights come with four of Alpharex’s signature 3D ice-cube projector lenses. You can grab these bad boys in alpha black, black, or chrome. 

These Nova Series headlights also come with the signature activation light feature, which gives you a sequential light show as you unlock the car. Along with that they also give you a DRL and sequential signal light tube. 

Find them here: 

Find them here: 



You are in luck yet again! Morimoto wants to help give you a couple of options as well. These headlights are compatible with all 3rd gen Tacoma’s without OEM LEDs. These are 100% plug and play and come with a killer sequential LED DRL. The two options you have, and the only difference between the two headlights, is if you want your DRL to be amber or white. Other than that these headlights are the exact same. 

Find them here: 

Find them here: 


Another company with the ability to offer you an amber or white DRL! These headlights from GTR Lighting are as close as you can get to the clean OEM look but with the functions of an aftermarket headlight with the choice of a white or amber DRL. The turn signal for these are a clean switchback amber that runs sequentially from one side to the other. 

Find them here: 


Last but certainly not least we have headlights from Form lighting, which is a newer company. These upgrades for your Tacoma come with triple bi-LED projectors, sequential turn signals, startup sequence, LED running light, and just an overall better appearance aesthetically. These are also completely plug and play and are compatible with all 3rd gens. 

Find them here: 




There are quite a few choices when it comes to replacing the fog lights on your Tacoma. Brands as well as colors you have a lot to consider when it comes to swapping out the OEM fog lights on your rig. Depending on your budget, and level of commitment, here are 8, yes 8, different options for fog lights  on your Tacoma. 


First off we have the budget friendly choice that can hide the ugly chrome projection bowl for your oem fogs! The lamin-x fog light covers are a quick and easy way to switch up the color on your Tacoma. Although it is not the brightest choice compared to the other options, you get the choice for your covers in many different colors including yellow, amber, gunsmoke, blue, green, and pink. These come in a pack of two and are perfectly cut to match your fog lights on your Tacoma. 

Find them here: 


Baja lights are a timeless classic and have a reputation of being one of the best lights on the market. These give you the ability to swap out your fog lights in either a white or yellow which is considered their amber option. These come with everything needed for install and are completely plug and play. They are also street legal and are 150% brighter than  the fog lights that come stock on the Tacoma. 

Find them here: 


These fog lights come in a white or true amber color. They are a simple plug and play fog light that is street legal and will blow oem fogs out of the water. They keep the look of the oem fog lights which is super nice if you are wanting to keep the stock look. 

Find them here: 


These fog lights are plug and play and come in a white or a yellow amber. They come with everything needed for install and are 100% plug and play. Diode wanted to make sure they stood out among the other options on the market, so they also come with the ability to have an amber accent light for when you don’t want them on or off. 

Find them here: 


These are an awesome option to go with for fog lights on your Tacoma. Like other companies they offer white or a true amber, but the difference with these fog lights is they look white until you turn them on. Other options you can see are either amber or yellow, but with cali raised you won’t know until they are turned on whether they are white or amber. This kit comes with everything you need for an easy installation, and is a 100% plug and play option.

Find them here: 


These fog lights are known for lighting up the night and making sure they are everything you need to take your lighting to the next level. This kit includes all the brackets and hardware needed and is 100% plug and play. Heretic gives you the option of a white or a true amber color secured by a billet aluminum housing that cradles 2904 lumens of light. These lights are an awesome option if you are a fan of a true amber color for your Tacoma. 

Find them here: 


Morimoto strikes again! These new fog lights have the name 4banger for a reason. With only three LEDs in this fog it gets its name four banger because it can destroy all four LED fogs with only its’ three. These fog lights come with the option of a white or a yellow amber. 

Find them here: 


These KC’s are known in the baja and off road scenes as one of the best lights on the market. This complete plug and play kit comes with everything necessary to mount and wire your fogs. These fog lights, unlike others on the market, are for offroad use only.  These also only come in a white with the option of a spot or combo pattern. They do come with an amber backlight that brings some finesse off road. 

Find them here: 




And that my fellow chrome haters, is a wrap. All of these products will successfully rid your beloved Tacoma of all chrome. There are some other little mods here and there that can bring a little bit of color like tailgate inserts or glove box insert for the interior, but if you want the chrome gone those are the products for the job! 

You heard from us, now let's hear from you. Are there any products or chrome we missed on your Tacoma? We think these mods are simple yet effective, and although may not all be in order or priority for your rig. Regardless whether you are building out a daily, a daily that you also off-road in, an overlanding rig, or maybe even a crawler, these products are all proven to turn heads whether it’s at moab or your local mall. 




You can find all the products listed here and more on our site!

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