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Diode Dynamics Lighting - Install and Product Review

Diode Dynamics Lighting - Install and Product Review

Off-road lighting is something that can greatly improve your off road experience after the sun goes down. There are hundreds of lighting options out there and many make the mistake of going cheap with their lighting only to replace it a few months later due to low light output and poor build quality.

Today we are highlighting an off-road lighting company that we have on our site that makes their lights right here in the United States and rigorously tests their lighting to endure the elements. That brand is Diode Dynamics and I've been running their lighting on my 2nd Gen Tacoma for a few months now. I want to share my experience running a few of their products on my rig and why you should think about upgrading the lighting on your Tacoma. We carry all of these products at Tacoma Lifestyle so if you like anything you see, make sure to get yours on our site

Off-Road Lighting

If you do a lot of off-roading and overlanding into the night, off-road lighting is something that can greatly improve the experience. Whether you are looking for more throw, coverage, or visibility; off-road lighting can help with all of these areas. When looking for your off-road lighting there are two main areas you should focus on. Those areas are the color of your lights and the pattern of the lights.

The color of your lighting is very important to how useful it will be. When choosing what color for your lights there will generally be two options; yellow/amber or white. Each have their benefits but generally most people choose a yellow or amber color because the light cuts through dust, snow, and rain better than white light does. 

The type of light pattern you choose is also an important decision when buying your off road lighting. Diode Dynamics offers a verity of different lenses for your lights like driving combo, spot, and flood. Depending on your driving style or how you want to set up your lighting on your rig, you may go with different lenses on each light or do the same on all of your lights. 


I am running a few different Diode Dynamics products on my truck. Starting with their SS3 Fog Light replacement kit. This kit is plug and play and mounts perfectly where your OEM fog lights would mount. From there I have their SS3 Tacoma Ditch Light kit, Stage Series 42" Light Bar, and two SSC2 Pod Lights serving as my chase lights.

Diode Dynamics makes the installation of these lights easier than ever with their light specific wiring harnesses. These plug right into which ever lights you buy and include a switch so you can easily toggle them on or off. If you are running a switch panel such as an Auxbeam, sPOD, or Alpha12 all you need to do is cut off the switch and relay, ground the negative side and plug the positive side into your switch panel for easy control of all of your lighting. 

Final Thoughts

After running Diode Dynamics lights on my Tacoma for a few months now they have stood up against miles of rough roads, dust, snow, and rain without any issues. The light output of their Pod Lights and Stage Series light bar far exceed any other off-road light I have run on my rig. Their driving combo light patterns have been perfect for what I need on the trails but if you want to tailor your light patterns they make it easy with many different options for each light. I would highly recommend any of their lighting products on your Tacoma if you are in the market for any off-road lights.

If you want to find any of the products mentioned in this article or any other Diode Dynamic products, you can find them all on our website as well as many other lighting companies like Baja Designs or Heretic Studios. Let us know in the comments if you are running Diode Dynamics lighting on your rig and your experience with them as well as other products you would like to see us review!

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