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How To Install Tacoma Raptor Lights

How To Install Tacoma Raptor Lights

Raptor Lights are a necessity on every Tacoma, and we've found the easiest install process for them. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so we've broken it down for you step by step in the YouTube video below. Our Raptor Lights are high quality and warrantied for a year, you can check them out here.


But before you watch the install video, you'll first thing you need to decide which color to get, and we offer these in 4 different color options.

Original Amber: Amber lens with an amber light

Smoked Amber: Smoked lens with an amber light

Clear White: Clear lens with a white light

Smoked White: Smoked lens with a white light

The Original Amber and Smoked Amber look almost identical to each other when they're on because they both have an amber light. The Original Amber is more noticeable when they're off because of the amber lens, and the Smoked Amber blends into the grille more when it's off and has a more stealth look. The same applies to the Clear White in comparison to the more stealth Smoked White.



Installation of our Raptor Lights is super easy, if you're not handy, there's no need to worry.

  • Snap in the lights
  • Plug the lights into the wiring harness
  • Crimp and ground the negative wire
  • Crimp the positive wire
  • Plug into your fuse box

It's easier to show you than tell you, the video below breaks it down step-by-step:



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Kurt - March 4, 2024

How do you wire it to the day time running lights (raptor lights to be on all the time) ?

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