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Merry Christmas From Tacoma Lifestyle to Your Toyota Tacoma

Merry Christmas From Tacoma Lifestyle to Your Toyota Tacoma

Finding Christmas gifts can be kind of stressful, but we went around and asked the Tacoma Lifestyle Team Members what they would love to have under the Christmas tree this year for their Tacoma. Here are a few ideas for either yourself or your Tacoma lover you are buying a present for this Christmas. 


If you want to add a unique, yet agressive look to your Toyota Tacoma then these mirror caps will do just the trick. Made of 100% real 3k carbon fiber you can get these for your mirror caps in either a Matte or Glass finish. These are handcrafted to perfection to help change the look of your Toyota Tacoma in just seconds. Install is super simple with our high quality 3m adhesive you just place them on top of your existing mirror caps. 

Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps HERE


You know that random square opening in your Tacoma next to your cup holders? Well we found a simple solution for you especially if you are OCD and like organization, this product is for you. High ABS plastic built for durability this can store coins with no rattle. It also gives you the ability to add a cool design on top, whether it is an engraved TRD logo or some of the other option shown in the listing this is a great stocking stuffer! 

Meso Custom Coin Bucket HERE


This is an absolute must for the interior of your Tacoma. This powered dash mount comes in either a USB type A or a USB type C and can help you charge phones, GPS, tablets, CB Radio, etc. This kit comes with everything needed for install and is a game changer for mounting and powering your devices. 

Dash Mount HERE


The one thing every Tacoma needs. To get rid of the horrendous wheels Toyota gives from the factory. Just another way to standout on the freeway or the trail  is with one of our many wheel options. We have wheels that range from all different price ranges. We have Nomad, Method, and Black Rhino as our top three favorite wheels to transform the look of your Tacoma. 

Wheels HERE


When a product brings function and aesthetic together there is nothing better. These headlights not only look sweet but they will brighten up the night on the road or the trail. Morimoto, Alpharex, and Form headlights help transform the front end of your Tacoma with amber or white DRLs, cool start up sequences, and most importantly bright LEDs. 

Headlights HERE


Up first we have a roof rack from Prinsu! This rack gives you the capability to add countless accessories to your Tacoma. With the option of being able to add a 40" Light Bar up top with the cut out in the wind deflector. This rack allows you to support a tent of your choice, mount cases, maxtraxs, rotopax, shovels, axes, etc. The possibilities are endless with this rack and opens up the door for different storage capabilities freeing up space inside your rig! 

Prinsu Roof Rack and accessories HERE


 One of the coolest kits you can get for your Toyota Tacoma is a fog light kit upgrade. Not only does that improve the looks of your Tacoma but it also helps improve your vision at night on the rod and trail. With amber fog lights it helps cut through snow, dust, or fog and can light up the trail as you head either to or from camp.  We have different options for Fog lights that you can find in the link below. 

Fog Lights HERE


This next product is an absolute fan favorite. Baja Designs' Linkable Light Bar comes with 7XL pods that will turn night into day. With the option of white, Amber, or even both this will have your rig standout. This light bar provides you with a crisp 22,050 lumens that will light up the night. This kit will come with everything needed for installation, and is known as the last linkable kit you'll ever need. 

Baja Design Linkable HERE


You can only take your Tacoma to oh so many places. What better way to tell people in the mall that you have a sick Tacoma parked out front then with a sweet Tacoma Lifestyle shirt, hate, hoodie, etc. Our apparel is not only comfortable but we come out with sweet designs throughout the year. 

Apparel HERE


Another must need interior mod that improves horse power while giving you better gas mileage: Patches. Totally kidding, but at the end of the day what is cooler than tossing velcro patches around your Tacoma adding a unique look to the inside. 

Patches HERE

Whether it is for you or for your Tacoma lover you are buying a present for, you can't go wrong spreading the love with any of these items listed above. Comment below what we missed and what you would like to see under your Christmas tree this year. 

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