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Tacoma 3rd Brake Light Replacement

Tacoma 3rd Brake Light Replacement

As you probably know Toyota has had a huge issue with there factory third brake light and water leaking. People have been seeing leaking inside the housing as well as on occcasion having water actually make it into the cabo of the truck and getting caught in the columns of the cab.

The Tacoma Lifestyle third brake light solves those issues that were previously plaguing Toyotas product. We have improved the weather seal while also provide some cool features.


Our Tacoma Lifestyle Brake Light was designed in house and aside from the improved weather seal we also added a pulse feature that when you initially press the break the light it does 5 F1 style pulse's but if that look isn't something your into it's a simple toggel of a switch and then it's back to a standard brake light. We demosntrate this in the video linked below.

Install and Demonstration Video

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