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Tacoma Interior Screen Protector

Tacoma Interior Screen Protector

We are super excited to announce this new product by ProTech. If you're anything like us here at Tacoma Lifestyle dust and finger prints constantly plague all of the glass instrument displays in our trucks. With these screen protectors that's no longer an issue.

What Comes in the kit?

When purchasing the ProTech kit you get everything necessary to cover all the interior glass. Make sure to select the correct year and trim model so that the Nav screen cut out will have the necessary cuts. Actually in the case you get a bottle of solution (just add water), a really high quality micro fiber towel, a scrapper, as well as single screen protecter for the Nav, Shifter glass, and Instrument Cluster.

If youre worried or just want the added security, for an extra $10 you can get two of each protector incase there are any issues during installation.


We discuss these in greater detail below in the install video but just to hit some key points:

  • Covers up/fills in existing scratches
  • Finger print and dust resistant
  • Protects from future scratches or cracks


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