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Tacoma Lifestyle Smartphone Inserts

Tacoma Lifestyle Smartphone Inserts

Have you ever noticed there is nowhere to store your phone in your Tacoma? Problem solved with the Tacoma Lifestyle Smartphone Inserts. Finally.


Thes truely are a "what you see is what you get" kind of product. Made from high quality ABS plastic and molded to match the center consoles body lines once installed these inserts blend right into the car giving an almost factory feel.

Like mentioned befor the space in these Tacomas is limited which inturn makes it coveted. These inserets effectively double your usable space to have easy access to your most commonly used items.  

Install as you can assume incredibly easy.

Simply peel off the adhesive and set in place for a secure place to set your phone or other gear.

Below is a video where Carson talks about his use of these as well as shows the process of installation.

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