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Top 5 Mods for Your New Tacoma

Top 5 Mods for Your New Tacoma

Your brand new Tacoma newness feeling is wearing off and you need some upgrades! But what should you do first? Here are our top 5 choices for must have mods for your Toyota Tacoma. 


One of the first mods is floor mats. These protect the interior from any element and keep the carpet of your Tacoma like new. This set comes with mats for the Driver and Passenger and then one mat for the entire rear floor. These are laser measured for a perfect fit and are manufactured here in the U.S. These mats can take a beating from any terrain and are just as easily made new again with its technology in material you just take them out pressure wash them clean and then dry them and back to new just like the first day you got them. 

Find them HERE


AVS Window Deflectors

The next must have are the window deflectors for your Tacoma. Our first option is from AVS and this side deflector lets fresh air in while keeping rain out. It can also keep the sun out of your eyes, reduce interior wind noise, fogging, and reduce interior heat. These deflectors from AVS are an in channel installation and come in a dark smoke finish. 

Find them HERE

Tacoma Lifestyle Window Deflectors 

These are our in house window deflectors that give you an agressive look while also allowing fresh air in the vehicle. They come in a tinted translucent finish and come in a pack of 4 with a high quality 3m. They adhere to the vehicle and can detach from the vehicle leaving zero residue or damage. 

Find them HERE


The next absolute must for your Tacoma is to get rid of the dimming medieval lighting on the interior of your Tacoma. This kit from Diode comes with everything you need to replace all the bulbs with a bright LED light. It is a direct replacement and is a super easy install. A pro tip for taking the old bulbs out, if you get some clear wrapping tape and wrap around the bulb it is a lot easier to get out as opposed to trying to man handle the bulb out.  

Find them HERE


These lights are a complete conversion kit for your OEM license plates that project a vibrant cool white color. These lights are plug and play and are a hassle free install and comes in a pair. 

Find them HERE


Lets cure your OCD and fix the clutter in your center console and glove box. These organizers allow you to completely separate your belongings so you can stay organized, easily grab things, and easily store them away. You just set them in, organize everything and give it a home and you are good to go! 

Find them HERE


These 5 mods are absolute game changers to your Tacoma. They are super simple but definitely worth adding to your rig! If you want to start somewhere small and not wanting to go all out these are the 5 products you need to start with! 

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