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Top 5 Shift Knob Options for Your Toyota Tacoma

Top 5 Shift Knob Options for Your Toyota Tacoma

One of the coolest things about modding out your Toyota Tacoma is adding a unique look whether it's on the interior or exterior! One of the many mods you can do is switching out the shift knob in your Tacoma! There are quite a few different options to go with so we can help narrow down the options for you with budget and aesthetics because they will all obviously add over 100 horse power to your rig.


 These Cali Raised Shift knobs are 100% American Made, and add an awesome look to the interior. These are full aluminum and were professionally installed to replace your shift knob. These come in either a machined silver, red, or a black finish. These will replace all Automatic transmission Tacoma's from the years 2005 to 2023. 

Find it HERE


Up next is an easy install shift knob that was precision CNC machined here in the USA. These shift knobs from AJT Design are stainless steel and come in an Anodized finish. These shift knobs had all Tacoma's in mind. You can order these for an automatic transmission, a manual 5 speed, or a manual 6 speed. For the automatic transmission from 2005 to 2023 AJT offers 3 different versions of their shift knob. 

Find it HERE

Tacoma Lifestyle Aluminum Shift Knob for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma


This shift knob took over 6 months of prototypes and trouble shooting to get absolutely perfect. We built this shift knob to be durable and last as long as your Tacoma. This premium product has been CNC machined right here in Utah using 6601 one piece billet aluminum. This shift knob has been bead blasted hard anodized black and then teflon coated for extra durability. These shift knobs have been custom made to fit all 3rd gen Tacoma's giving you a tactical feel. We include a jam nut for installation, it is as easy as removing the oem shift knob putting on the shift knob to a good height and screwing on your new Tacoma Lifestyle Aluminum shift knob. 

Find it HERE


This shift knob from Meso Customs is a TRD Pro style replacement shift knob but with a twist. This shift knob comes with two wires that stick out at the bottom. These wires activate buttons on either side of the shift knob. The first button gets hooked up to the ECT, which stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. When this button is pressed it activates an overdrive that makes the truck drive or shift with better response. This makes the ECT button easier to activate by having it just on the side of the shift knob ready to go whenever. This also frees up a button on your dash that can be used for whatever you need since you have access to it now on the shift knob. The other button can be used for whatever you want like garage door openers, light bars, aux lights, etc. 

Find it HERE

Tacoma Lifestyle Teton Workshop Shift Knob for Toyota Tacoma


The Teton Workshop team spared no expense in creating a one of a kind shift knob that uses a hard anodized matte black aluminum with interchangeable G10 scales on the side. This was CNC machined in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This shift knob is offered in red, grey, od green, black, orange, blue, and tan. You can get these shift knobs for both 2nd or 3rd gen automatic shift knobs. 

Find it HERE 


Any choice you make is the best choice because it is yours. These shift knobs all have different aesthetics and functions whether you are going for looks or convenient switches on the shift knob we have got you covered. These shift knobs will help you take a step in the right direction with getting rid of as much OEM parts as possible. 


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Mike Mccall - March 4, 2024

Do they also come n blue. I see the red one.

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