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Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Headlights

Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Headlights

Aftermarket headlights are an upgrade that can set your truck apart from other Tacomas on the road. There are many options ranging on price and design that are available for the Tacoma and we have a couple of employees here running each on their trucks.

Products Reviewed

Why Upgrade Your Headlights?

 Upgrading from your stock Tacoma headlights can offer a variety of benefits. Light output from the stock lights often lacks in comparison to the projector headlights of today. Many of the aftermarket Tacoma lighting companies like Morimoto and Alpharex use projector lighting in their lights which significantly improves light output and gives you a definite cut off line.

Morimoto XB LED Headlights (@TacomaCarson)

The Morimoto XB LED Headlight for the Toyota Tacoma comes in at a price of $1500. I absolutely love this headlight for the 3rd gen Tacoma. It has the best looking DRL of the headlights we are reviewing today and the startup sequence is reminiscent of the Bugatti Chiron which is such a cool feature by Morimoto. The XB headlight houses three projectors for low beam and a Bi-LED set up for the high beam which gives you more than enough light out on the road. 

It is the most expensive option of the headlights we are reviewing but with how bright the DRL looks and the fact it puts out 33% more light output than stock means it is well worth the price.   

Form Lighting Sequential LED Headlights (@BriskTaco)

The Form Lighting Sequential LED Projector Headlight is the least expensive headlight on our list but I think it has the best looking projectors on the market. Like the Morimoto headlight, the Form Lighting Projector headlight also uses three Bi-LED projectors for your low beam and high beam but DRL sits a little closer to those projectors giving the headlight a sleek modern look. These headlights also have start up sequence that utilizes the DRL instead of the projectors. 

Alpharex Nova Series Headlights (@CBIOffroad)

At a price of $1430 we have the Alpharex Nova Series Projector Headlight. This is the most popular headlight option for the 3rd gen Tacoma due to its customization between having a white or amber DRL and being able to change between sequential and solid turn signals. The Nova Series headlight includes three projectors for the low beam and one projector for the high beam which will give you plenty of light on the road at night. Alpharex also sells a Pro Series version of this headlight that uses a halogen bulb and costs $1155. 

Final Thoughts

Aftermarket headlights are a great way to update the look and functionality of your Tacoma. If you are looking for light output, all of these options will give you more visibility at night with their projector set ups and if you are looking for style they each have a unique start up sequence and design that is sure to turn heads. Check out all of our Toyota Tacoma Headlight options here: 

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