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Trail Day with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Trail Day with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Last weekend, a few of us decided to take a trip down to Moab and we found out that the team from Sherpa happened to be down there at the same time as our visit. They recently picked up a 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road in black and were testing out some upcoming products for the new truck. We hit the trails with them to see just how the new Tacoma performs on one of the most iconic trails in Moab.

Sherpa's 2024 Tacoma Build 

 Sherpa's Tacoma is a 2025 TRD Off-Road in black with the standard 2.4L turbo 4 cylinder i-Max engine. Not many modifications were done to this truck before the trip out to Moab but they are running 35"x12.5" R/T's on 17" beadlock wheels with no lift. To do this they had to do quite a bit of cutting but were able to make it clear lock to lock. Outside of wheels and tires they have RCI rock sliders, RCI skid plates, a Sherpa roof rack, and Sherpa bed rack to carry their recovery gear and mountain biking equipment. 

Sevenmile Rim

We left camp early in the morning to tackle one of Moab's most popular off road trails. Sevenmile Rim is a 20 mile loop which starts off of Highway 191 and climbs above sandstone cliffs, loops around massive plateaus and open fields, and then takes you back down the same sandstone cliff back to the highway. It is considered a moderate trail and consists of rock ledges, walls, and off camber rock crawls that are not recommended for most unmodified vehicles. 

Sherpa's Tacoma had no problem with any obstacle it was met with during the trial. The new Tacoma has a great approach and departure angle and was able to take most of the hardest lines. 

Wipeout Hill

Each trail in Moab is known for one obstacle that is more challenging than anything else on the trail. For the Sevenmile Rim trail that obstacle is Wipeout Hill. Wipeout Hill is short and steep with many ledges and a quick step down that is known for damaging rocker panels. The 2024 Tacoma had no problem completing this obstacle, completing the entire thing by using downhill assist and crawl control with the driver only giving steering input. 

Every other vehicle we had on this trip had at least a 2 inch lift and lockers but the 4th gen Tacoma was able to complete Wipe Out Hill with only basic traction control settings enabled. This is what impressed me the most about the new Tacoma on the trail and it really showed me how much thought Toyota put into making this truck the best it could be for enthusiasts. 

Final Thoughts

I was seriously impressed with everything the all new Tacoma was able to handle while out on the Sevenmile Rim trail in Moab. With only slight modifications it was doing things that my 2nd gen Tacoma would never had been able to do without the upgrades I've put into it. The new 2.4L turbo engine puts down enough torque to climb over any rock ledge or wall and does it in a smooth and easy to predict way that you don't see in a lot of turbocharged cars.

Its approach and departure angles are much better than they were on previous generations and Toyota has made this Tacoma easy to upgrade and install larger tires on. The new Tacoma comes with pre threaded holes for rock sliders and slots in the weather stripping to easily install a roof rack. There is even a crash plate in the wheel-well that you can remove to clear larger tires without the need of a cab mount chop.

We're excited to see what else Sherpa has in store for their new Tacoma build and what other trails they plan on taking it on. If you have a 2024 Tacoma and you're looking for a roof rack or any other upgrades to take your truck to the next level, take a look at all of the latest 4th gen Tacoma parts on our website




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