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Freespirit Recreation Car Connect - Hub V2

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Our new Car Connect works seamlessly with your favorite 4 sided ground tent (HUB V2). Creating a large enclosed space, the Car Connect attaches to the back of your vehicle and onto one side of the HUB V2, allowing access to and sleeping room in your vehicle and the HUB making for a huge, private living/camping space! 


One main access point that can be zipped up to keep in the heat or unzipped and rolled to the side for easy come and go!

 Various zippers for customization:

Opposite the side of the main access point is a large wall that can be unzipped completely. This transforms the Car Connect into a top shaded path with great air flow allowing access to and from your vehicle + HUB.

Compatible with any SUV, minivan, crossover, Jeep, wagon, or pickup truck (with cap)