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Meso Customs Puddle Switch Kit For Tacoma (2016-2021)

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Our new Puddle Pod Switch Kit adds the ability for you to have full control over your MESO puddle lights. Once installed you can switch between 3 positions: AUTO (door), MANUAL (turn on anytime), or OFF in case you don’t want them on. Our included switch is a small Toyota series, the same as most switches in the 2016+ trucks (ie: the ECT Power switch).

You must have OUR V2 puddle light kit already installed on your truck to use this switch. To check if you have the V2 puddle kit look at your #1 A-Pillar T-Harness and if the 4 pin connector wires are color you have V2, if they are black you have V1.

- Puddle light switch (x1)
- Wire harness (x1)


Meso Customs Puddle Pods

Installation: Route the new switch extension up to the Drivers side A-Pillar and plug it into the existing main puddle light T harness before the puddle y splitter. Install Switch in an empty Toyota Switch slot (smaller rectangle hole). There is enough slack to run it up to the overhead or down to the lower console. Finally, ground the black wire on the back of the puddle switch to any suitable ground on the truck.