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Auxbeam AC-1200 RGB Switch Panel (One-Sided Outlet)

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We've made some big upgrades to the switch panel! AC-1200 series switch panel has 3 operating modes for you to choose from. Switch panel direct operation, as well as APP and remote control. The wireless remote control has a connection range of up to 165ft/50m. One circuit control box can simultaneously pair with four wireless remote controllers.

 Upgraded Functions:

  •  RGB Backlight - Unlimited color options match dash lighting and vehicle
  •  3 Mode Setting - Toggle/Momentary/Pulsed
  •  Bluetooth APP Control - Access to accessories no matter whether you are in the vehicle
  •  Wireless Remote Control - With a strong magnet, which can be absorbed on the iron metal, which is very convenient to use (Wireless remote control includes batteries)
  •  Manual Backlit Off - Turn off the backlight when it's daytime or when it's not necessary
  •  Group Setting - Set up a group via APP to control 2 or more lights at the same time
  •  DIY Switch Panel - 120pcs stickers/ 200 default icons/ phone album photos


Voltage Input: DC 12-24V
Max Current: 100A
Rated Voltage: 12V 20A / 24V 10A
Max Power: 1200W/12V,2400W/24V
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~105℃/-40℉~221℉


AC-1200 RGB Switch Panel

  • 12-Gang one-sided outlet switch panel. It allows you to control up to 12 different LED lights or devices. Command all your vehicle accessories with the tap of your finger.
  • 3 control methods - Switch panel & Bluetooth APP&Remote Control, work synchronously. Built-in Bluetooth module allows you to program and control the system anytime & anywhere. The wireless remote control has a connection range of up to 165ft/50m.
  • 3 modes setting. Each switch has 3 kinds of light status, and different indicator status represents different working modes.

 RED-Toggle, Constant light mode (Great for things like fog lights or driving. )

 BLUE-Momentary, Press & hold the button to turn on, then release the button to turn off, just like pressing the horn button.

 GREEN-Pulsed, Flash mode. Press the switch once and the device will flash on/flash off, continuing until the switch is pressed again. 

  • RGB backlight color. Adjust the backlight color and brightness to match your vehicle.
  • Backlight brightness is automatically dimmable. Automatic adjustment according to the brightness variation of the environment.
  • Assign each switch a logo (120 universal stickers to choose from). Use the provided switch labels to indicate what’s connected to that switch. 
  • DIY button icon on the APP. 200 default icons or use your own photos from the phone album.
  • Setup group. Manage multiple accessories in your custom groups. Assign 2 or more accessories to the same switch button and then control them at the same time.
  • Universal fitment. Widely used for trucks, boats, cars, buses, Off-road, Powersports, Marine, ATV, UTV, SUV, Side by Side, SxS, Heavy-duty machines, etc.
  • Waterproof IP65, high sensitivity, stability, and strong anti-interference ability.
  • Safety protection. Built-in resettable fuse, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection. The fuse adapter makes it easy to connect the control box to the vehicle's fuse box without cutting, splicing, or damaging the original wiring in the vehicle.
  • Easy Installation. No complicated wiring, and no need to cut a big hole in your vehicle. Plug & play wiring harness can connect the LED lights or accessories easily.
  • With 2 types of mounting brackets, you can mount the panel in the best location for your vehicle, such as the dash panel, center console, overhead sunglasses holder, etc.

12 Gang Remote Control

  • Advanced thermal protection and overload protection design make the load work safely.
  • The back of the product has a magnetic backplate, which can be easily hung on any metal and can be placed and picked up at any time.
  • Ultra-low latency, 433 signal frequency, no other equipment interference control to block the signal
  • The wireless remote control has a connection range of up to 165 feet/50 meters.
  • Replaceable battery

120 Universal Stickers

20FT Inch Extension Cable

  • Auxbeam Extension Cable. This 20-feet, 4-pin wiring harness extension features a Play and Plug design, allowing for effortless installation of extension wires. With ample length, it provides sufficient reach to extend your wiring harness to the desired location for installation of the controller box
  • Premium Made. Auxbeam switch panel extension boasts an especially thick hard wire, which not only enhances its strength and longevity but also provides superior protection against EMI and RF interference, including automotive circuit interference
  • Wide Application. The Auxbeam cable extension has a broad range of applications and can be utilized to extend control over any vehicle electrical appliance for your modification needs. This includes, but is not limited to UTVs, trucks, trailers, buses, motorhomes, and long-distance parking aid sectors
  • No Splicing. This extender eliminates the need for splicing of new wires, as it allows for easy extension of existing wires. It is compatible with power input ranging from DC 12V to DC 24V and features a professional CCTV/monitor 4-pin connector that can be used to connect a rearview camera, DVD player, TV box, or other similar devices

Package Included:

  • 1 Set of 12 Gang RGB Switch Panel (all necessary hardware and wiring harness is included)
  • Installation Instructions