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Backwoods Full Aluminum Skid Plate System For Tacoma (2016-2023)

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Protect Your Undercarriage

Introducing the brand-new full aluminum skid plate system for 2005+ Toyota Tacomas from Backwoods Adventure Mods. Our exceptional skid plates are made from .25" aluminum and offer great protection at a lightweight that won’t weigh you down.

Full Coverage Protection

This full skid plate system includes an engine skid, transmission skid, and transfer case skid that nest into each other to create one solid piece for full undercarriage protection. In addition, if you have our Backwoods Tacoma Front Bumper, you can also purchase and install our connector plate that covers the gap between the front bumper and the top of the engine skid. The result is a seamless, completely protected front end.

The full skid system is a durable shield for your cooler lines, differential, oil pan, transmission, exhaust cross-section, transfer case, and other vulnerable components that are otherwise exposed beneath your vehicle. The trail is hazardous and poses many varied threats to your truck; without skid plates, rocks, boulders, roots, and branches can puncture or otherwise damage fluid lines and engine parts and make it impossible for you to continue your journey. Skid plates from Backwoods Adventure Mods add a critical layer of protection between you and the road so you can get where you’re going and back again safely.

Quality Construction

All components of the full skid plate system are made from raw .25" aluminum except for the cross-member support section that’s made from 3/16" black powder-coated steel. The design features air and drains holes and doors for easy access. Simple bolt-on installation makes adding these skid plates to your truck using existing factory mounting points a snap. Like everything from Backwoods, these skid plates are designed and built in the USA. Get your skid plates today.


Tacoma Skid System Weight

Crossmember:  14.55 lbs
Brackets:  6.20 lbs
Engine:  20.85 lbs
Transmission:  14.45 lbs
Transfer:  20.85 lbs 

Total:     76.90 lbs

Tacoma Connector Skid

Connector:  6.55 lbs

This kit will fit 2005+ double cab and access cab 4x4 Tacomas but is not compatible with 2wd Tacomas. This kit will ship RAW, except for the steel cross member. The cross member will be a black powder coat.


  • Uses all factory mounting points
  • Excellent lightweight protection for vital vehicle components
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Oil drain/access service holes built-in with removable door access
  • All grade 8 hardware
  • Incorporated drain holes for airflow, mud, and water
  • Made in the USA
  • Optional connector plate made to integrate into our Front Bumpers