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Freespirit Recreation Evolution V2

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The Evolution V2L (Long Series) Rooftop Tent has a new and enhanced look for 2023 along with many upgrades. At Freespirit Recreation it is our goal to listen to our customers and without a doubt, your feedback did not disappoint. You have helped shape version 2 to be the best Evolution yet!


The Evolution V2S is finally here to take our rooftop tent game to the next level. With an all new interior redesign, the Evo V2S now comes with everything you need and more. You may be asking yourself why we created a short version. The Evo V2S is a perfect fit for 78 inch truck bed to mount below cab height, it takes the cake on shorter SUV rooflines, and best of all it fits perfectly on midsize hatchback crossovers. With an interior length perfect for people under  6ft tall we believe the V2S fills a void in the hardshell rooftop tent market. At Freespirit Recreation it is our goal to listen to our customers and without a doubt, your feedback did not disappoint. You have helped shape V2S to be the best Evolution yet! Let’s take a closer look at your requests and what your FSR team delivered. 

Exterior Tent: 

  • The first upgrade to V2 you will notice at first glance is our signature Tri-Layer material with the 2023 octagon shape and matte black ripstop fabric. 
  • Embedded in the fabric on the requested panoramic rear door you will notice a gloss black FSR emblem. You now have two ways to enter and exit your Evolution or simply take in the wonderful views wherever you are. With full length Tri-Layer doors for those chilly nights and full screen doors for breathtaking views we have delivered the best for both conditions.  
  • The other upgrade to the doors that isn’t as noticeable but provides an impactful function is raising the fabric level above the Z bar rail. You now have a smooth zipper experience without fighting the frame. 
  • Another request from our customers was to upgrade the size of the side windows and make a continuous zipper. We delivered and the zippers are smooth. 
  • The new upgrades to the exterior frame include an all blacked out look with new black hardware. These upgrades are complemented by a textured black top design showcasing Freespirit Recreation. 
  • The undercarriage does not disappoint in 2023, it got some love too. Still sporting our signature weight reduction slat design with new black features and a low profile mounting rail. 
  • We also upgraded our gas struts to make opening and closing extremely simple.

Interior Tent:

  • One of the best features of the V2 is our new AirCore mattress. We listened and have taken comfort to a new level. Oh, and did I mention it comes standard with every V2. Soft or firm, we got you covered. It also allows you to store more bedding inside when deflated.
  • Our signature air flow ventilation system has also got a much needed upgrade. On the interior, for those chilly nights, you can now cover your vents to keep the cold out or open them to reduce condensation. 
  • Pockets, Pockets, and more pockets. There are pockets on every side of the Evolution for all your needs.
  • You will also find dump storage pockets above the side windows, great for jackets and larger items. 
  • Also standard in our Evolution V2 you will receive our awesome LED lights BUT in 2023 you control the mood. We have you covered with our brightest setting or if you want to chill out just turn them down to a soft white with just a click of the button.