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Genesis Offroad Digital Air Pressure Sensor

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The Genesis digital air pressure sensor option for the G Screen monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on your onboard air status.
This is the easiest to install air pressure sensor on the market.
Simply screw the sensor into an available 1/4 inch NPT port (use adapters as required for your application) on your onboard air tank or manifold, attach the cable, and plug it into the G Screen's interface module. The G Screen will automatically detect the sensor and will add a new PSI status screen the next time you cycle through the screens. If the sensor is removed, the PSI screen will automatically disappear.

No need to run air hoses through the vehicle to an old analog pneumatic gauge, and no complicated wiring to figure out. One cable to connect and you're done.

Reads air pressure from 0 - 150 PSI.

Not rated for reading pressure inside a CO2 system such as a Powertank, but it can be used after the pressure regulator to help keep an eye on your pressure settings.

Cable length option:
This sensor kit comes with a 2-meter cable (6.5 feet) to connect the sensor to the G Screen. This is a perfect length for connecting to a compressor in the engine bay. If your compressor or air tank is mounted toward the rear of the vehicle, select the 5-meter (16 feet) cable.