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Genesis Offroad Gen 3 Dual Battery Kit For Tacoma (2005-2015)

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Genesis Offroad launched the first completely integrated, easy to install dual battery system for the Jeep Wrangler in 2013. Never satisfied with 'good enough', we have listened to customer feedback and refined our dual battery system to be even better suited to meet the demands of today's off road vehicles and their drivers.

Our purpose remains the same - to allow you to enjoy your aftermarket electrical accessories without worrying about draining down your cranking battery. Even if your cranking battery gets too low to start the engine, simply press a button to jump start from your second battery. Gone are the old days of reading wire schematics to figure out how to add a second battery to your vehicle with a manual selector switch or isolator device. Genesis dual battery kits are completely pre-wired for you out of the box for easy installation. No wire strippers or crimpers are required!

System Includes:
  • Gen 3 Power Hub
    • Smart battery combiner
    • Boost switch
    • Accessory Bus bars
    • G Screen port
    • All wiring
  • Steel Battery Tray
  • All Required Installation hardware

Batteries: Sold separately. Matching Group 34 batteries are required.

1 - New heavy-duty battery combiner

Allows your engine's alternator to charge your cranking and accessory batteries.
Connects batteries together in parallel while driving, then separates them once the voltage drops below 12.7v to protect your cranking battery from getting drained by your accessories.
Rated for 300 amps of continuous current flow, and spikes of up to 2500 amps for 10 seconds to handle anything you can throw at it.
Compatible with all modern high-output alternators.
Uses NO power to keep batteries connected, allows batteries to stay fully charged when not in use, and runs accessories even longer.
Generates NO heat, since no current is flowing through it while the batteries are connected, the battery combiner produces no heat at all.
A more robust and reliable design means more worry-free adventures.

2 - New boost button
Now includes 3 user-selectable modes - Auto, On, and Off 
Auto mode automatically connects batteries when either one is above 13.1v for 90 seconds, and disconnects them when they drop below 12.7v for 30 seconds
'On' mode will manually connect the batteries together. Use this to jump-start the engine when the cranking battery is low, or manually provide extra run time to your accessories by using both batteries together.
'Off' mode will manually separate the batteries. Use this when you want to leave the batteries isolated for any reason. Note the alternator will not charge the Aux battery while in this mode. The green halo light will turn on to indicate the batteries are connected, and the light will be off when the batteries are separated.

3 - New bus bars
Now includes 3 tall studs and 3 small screws for power & ground wire connections.
Different stud sizes 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" give you more flexibility for connecting your heavy-duty accessory cables such as a winch, stereo amplifier, air compressor, fuse panels, etc.
Lighter gauge wires such as LED lights, CB, etc, can use the 3 small screws for connecting #10-sized ring terminals.
Any accessories connected to the bus bars will run from the Aux battery and will not drain down the cranking battery.
The protective cover flips up for easy access for routing your wires.

4 - New Heavy Duty Cables
Higher solid copper strand count for more current carrying capacity and more flexibility.
Thicker insulating jacket for even more protection from the elements.
Heavy-duty adhesive lined heat shrink protects the wire from corrosion.
Tin-plated copper lugs and post clamps for superior conductivity.

Battery Options:
  • Requires 2 matching BCI Group 34 size batteries.
  • Batteries must be the same physical size for the lid to securely hold them in place
  • We recommend the Full Throttle FT825-34 or the Odyssey ODX-AGM34. ***Optima batteries are NOT compatible***.
  • Traditional wet lead acid batteries are NOT recommended, and mixing battery chemistry can cause damage to both batteries.
  • Note the stock battery is NOT compatible with this kit