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KTJO One Touch Passenger Auto Up/Down For Tacoma (2016-2023)

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The purpose of this feature is to add the convenience of "One Touch" windows to the passenger windows. This is accomplished by connecting the provided 100% Plug-N-Play Harness to your OEM Passenger Window Switch Connector.


With the purchase of a single switch "One Touch" Harness, you are able to use one Rear (Passenger) Power Window Switch Panel of your choice as an Auto Up/Down “One Touch” operating system. However, with the purchase of two single switch “One Touch” Harnesses, you are able to use both Rear (Passenger) Power Window Switch Panels as Auto Up/Down “One Touch” operating systems.

As an extra bonus, your (Driver) Power Window Master Switch Panel will also be able to control the Rear Passenger Window as an Auto Up/Down “One Touch” operating System with a harness connected to that Power Window Switch Panel.

IMPORTANT: The purchase of 3 Single Switch “One Touch” Harnesses is for those that do not have an Auto Up/Down “One Touch” operating system for their Front (Passenger) Power Window Switch Panel.

Simply tap the OEM Window Switch once and the window will travel all the way up or down. Therefore, the need to continually "keep pressed" the OEM Window Switch all the time in order to fully open or close the window is no longer necessary. With that said, you now have the added convenience of using the (Passenger) Power Window Switch Panels for Auto Up/Down "One Touch" operating systems. All windows open and close completely with one press "One Touch". Once installed, on the inside of the Door Panel, there is nothing else to it!


There's never any need to mount additional switches because KTJO 4x4's "One Touch" Window Auto Up/Down Harness works with all factory window switches!