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KTJO Phone Mount Holder For Tacoma (2016-2023)

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Upgrade the interior of your Toyota Tacoma with the new KTJO 4x4 Cell Phone Mount Holder. This phone holder upgrade brings a premium touch and feel. Say goodbye to the easy-scratched plastic panel phone mount. The Tacoma phone holder has a thick layer of silicone material that is extremely soft to the touch and will ensure your interior paint on your trim piece and your cell phone device will stay free from any wear and tear.

The Tacoma phone holder is compatible with most cell phones between 4"-7" in width and most thick phone cases including Otterbox. One of the big features of the new and improved phone holder is molded directly to the Tacoma center bezel and secured with 3M Auto Molding Tape to insure that it will stay in place should you hit a bump or take a sharp turn. It ensures a safe, distraction-free driving experience.

KTJO 4x4 and its vendors shall not be liable for any accident resulting from the use of this product. This system is designed to be professionally installed into a vehicle in which all systems and associated components are in perfect working condition.