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Lamin-X Baja Designs S8 Film Cover

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A colored film that simply sticks on your Baja Designs S8 Light Bar to give it a new color and extra protection from the elements.  Installation is as simple as sticking on a sticker.


  • Comes with one 10-inch film cover custom cut for S8 light bar
  • Transparent protection film that adheres to your light bar
  • Protects against rock damage, sand-blasting, or cloudiness
  • Easy installation with included instructions
  • Made in USA, 5-year warranty, industry-leading product

Designed For Baja Design S8 Light Bar

Styling Your Baja Design S8 Light Bar

We have 6 colors available for you to customize the light bar on your 4Runner. Available in Yellow, Blue, Gunsmoke, Tint, Amber, and Pink. Use our top selling Yellow tint to give your light bars an awesome look and help visibility in white-out conditions.

Tint Film Color Information

  • Gunsmoke: Our darkest tint for light bars. An eye-catching look for any vehicle.
  • Yellow: Bold yellow look during the day, and excellent in white-out and foggy conditions
  • Blue: Our Blue Tint looks light blue when unlit, but gives a white light when lit by halogen lights
  • Amber: Our Amber film is a deep orange color that looks created on and projects an orange light.
  • Green: Give your vehicle a green accent with our green light bar covers.
  • Pink: Pink lights are a great bold look for your car. Our Pink film stands out from the rest with its neon look.