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N2 Designs Remote Start Kit For Tacoma - Regular Key (2016-2023)

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    • 100% PLUG & PLAY (Note: Manual Transmission version requires one wire snip; Auto does not)
    • Printed color instructions included
    • Complete Kit - nothing else needed
    • Not compatible with our Smart Phone Module - you CAN choose to forgo the keyless entry FOBS and purchase the kit that gives you smart phone access instead of the keyless entry fob version. 
    • This kit is strictly for those who DO NOT have an OEM provided fob and would have needed to use the key physically inserted into the door's keyhole to unlock the vehicle. This kit solves that! No more! 


    • 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Toyota Tacoma Base Model Plug 'n' Play
    • Regular Key Start Ignition (NON FOB, NON HKEY Type)
    • Automatic or Manual Transmission - Please select option 


    • This Kit gives you a FOB that allows for remote power door locks to lock and unlock, Start Engine, Stop Engine.
    • Kit includes (2) FOBs that have 4 buttons, one to lock doors, unlock doors, start engine, stop engine.
    • FOB also allows for remote hazard lights to come on remotely by holding down the "Lock" button for 3 seconds.
    • FOBs are LONG RANGE (half mile) with two way LED light and audible indication that the lock, unlock, start engine or stop engine were successful.
    • Parking Lights will illuminate
    • Run Time is 15 minutes
    • All doors, and hood must be closed

    Special Notes

    • Vehicle will NOT shut off when a door is opened.
    • You will be able to get into the vehicle after a remote start, put the key into the ingition, turn the igition two clicks to ON position, tap the brake pedal, and now your key is in control and you can drive off!
    • This remote start system will not allow or support a smart phone module add-on option. It's either keyless entry (two long range FOBS) or smart phone module, but NOT both at the same time. Click here for the smart phone version (no keyless entry, no fobs provided as they won't work at the same time).