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Rago Fabrication Shackle Hangers For Tacoma (2005-2023)

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The Rago Fabrication Shackle Hangers: Why and when should I upgrade?

Navigating your way through your next suspension upgrade can be a little bit tricky. If you want your suspension to perform in the way you had always dreamed, an upgraded shackle hanger is the way to go. The most frequently asked question we get about shackle hangers are why do I need this? 

 Why do I need to put this on my Tacoma?

To answer is easy, but also kinda complicated at the same time. Simply put, the stock shackle hangers are not cutting the bill when a high-performance suspension system is added to the Tacoma. 

Why is that? when you upgrade your suspension system, the new leaf springs allow the suspension to droop or (go down) more than stock,  putting more strain on the stock hangers. This can cause a multitude of problems, including breaking your shackles, shuttering rear ends, and decreasing your ride performance. 

The Rago Fabrication Shackle Hangers are the next best upgrade you can do after upgrading your suspension. With this complete factory replacement, you'll see, performance increases in your suspension cycling, improved geometry, increased droop travel, and more. Made out of 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel and powder coated in a two-stage Powdercoating process, this shackle is built like a tank and is likely to outlast your vehicle. Included with our shackle hangers are the strongest Polyurethane Bushings on the market, allowing your leaf springs to adjust easily and give you the smoothest ride of your life. 

  • 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel
  • Larger Shackles with Poly Bushings included 
  • Grease fittings in each Shackle 
  • Comes pre-assembled 
  • 2 Stage Powder Coat -Textured Black 
  • Increased Durability
  • Complete Factory Replacement
  • Professional Install Recommended
  • All Mounting Hardware Included 
  • No Welding Required 100% Bolt On.