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Ready Lift 3" Block Lift Kit For Tacoma (2007-2023)

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Toyota Tundra/Tacoma 3" Rear Block Kit
OEM style cast iron rear lift blocks with longer u-bolts.

2WD/4WD Fits Tundra/Tacoma trucks 2007-2023

Longer rear shocks will be required and if applicable, longer rear sway bar end links will be required.  

ReadyLIFT OEM-style rear block kits are available for 2007-2023 Tundra/Tacoma applications. Our newest is a 3" tall rear block kit that contains (2) 3" Rear Blocks, four (4) E-Coated U-Bolts, eight (8) Nuts and Washers and will safely lift the rear of your truck an additional 3". Based on OEM designs and made from cast iron (never made out of lightweight extrusions), ReadyLIFT Block Kits will put a slight rake back in your truck for hauling or towing and are designed to work in concert with your ReadyLIFT Suspension Leveling Kit. This is a great Tow Package upgrade. Like all ReadyLIFT products, these block kits come with our Lifetime Warranty.

Longer shocks may be required when using a 3" tall rear block.

One pair of OEM style cast iron rear lift blocks with longer u-bolts and hardware.