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VLEDS High Beam LEDS For Tacoma (2016-2023)

Original price $200.00
Current price $180.00

Micro Extreme The ultimate LED high beam headlight for your Tacoma is here! Look no further if you want the brightest high beams available. With its 12 LED chips and high-output driver, the Extreme is capable of producing 4500LM output each, equal to a 55W HID system. Light up dark trails or backroads with offroad lightbar output. Seeing will never be a problem again!

Plug-And-Play Drop-in replacement! Installation is so easy it will only take a few minutes. No special adapters or error cancellers are required.

Choices The market is flooded with sub-par products, and it's hard to know what to buy. The looming question is, will it fit? Is it bright enough? Is the color going to be right? The Micro Extreme answers YES to all of the above! It's the perfect choice for the person wanting the ultimate in high-performance lighting.

Fitment The Micro Extreme is the new highest-output LED replacement of its kind, ensuring both a perfect fit as well as superior performance. Installation is simple with its plug-and-play design and super small in-line driver. With its clever multi-position collar design, the bulb can also be indexed for that perfect beam pattern.

Efficient Perfect thermal management is achieved by utilizing both a copper heat pipe inside a 6063 aluminum shell. Heat dissipation is managed using an enclosed waterproof high-speed turbo fan.

Adjustable Indexing We know the high beam bulb on the Tacoma doesn't sit perfectly straight so we made the Extreme adjustable to insure proper indexing. Simply remove the top nut and the keyway then reassemble. Insert the bulb into the housing and rotate clockwise until you achieve the perfect 3 o'clock ad 9 o'clock positioning.