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VLEDS V6 Extreme Amber Turn Signals + Hyperflash Fix For Tacoma (2016-2023)

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Performance The Extreme is the highest output LED turn signal on the market, reaching 1400LM per bulb. Not cheap, and not cheaply made. The V6 Extreme is for the lighting enthusiast who demands the finest quality and performance; boy does it deliver.

NEW Radial Lens As if the Extreme wasn't extreme enough, we decided to kick it up a notch. Not that the original lens is terrible by any means; we just saw an opportunity for even more output and ran with it. The ultimate goal when developing an LED replacement is to simulate the characteristics of the filament bulb. Not only does the Extreme have insane lumen levels, but now all that power has been harnessed to fire perfectly in the lamp housings reflector. Combined with the two-position adjustable feature, this produces an intensity like no other LED on the market.

Quick Specs

  • High output driver with the best components available.
  • 6X highest bin rating CREE chips.
  • The low parking circuit shuts off when the turn signal is applied for a more defined notification.
  • 60LM low 1400LM high measured output per bulb
  • 5X brighter than stock.
  • 23:1 high low ratio (high mode gets 23X brighter).
  • Current Draw 1.9A @ 14.4V

The Original For years, we have been innovating and pioneering the industry with products like the V3 and V6 systems. We've been there, done that, and have experience in designing a system that not only has the kinks worked out but performs better than anything else on the market. When quality comes into question, know you can trust VLEDS.

WARNING! Not for use in turn signal DRL applications where the high mode is on constant when the headlights are off. This will void your warranty. In this type of application, we recommend our standard V6 Triton Amber.

Radial Lens Optical grade polycarbonate lens creates radial 360° pattern for maximum intensity in the housing
Adjustable Added spacer ring allows for two-position adjustment
Resistors Many vehicles do not require load resistors but if needed VLR-15 meets load requirement
Parking Cut Low circuit turns off when the turn signal is activated
High Quality Driver High output driver with the best components available
Controller Integrated into the bulb for easier installation
Best Components Highest bin rating Cree chips
Output 5X brighter than stock
High/Low Ratio 23:1 high low ratio (high mode gets 23X brighter)
Aluminum Billet CNC'd with anodized finish and laser engraved lettering
Plug N' Play No splicing or tapping
Connectors Miniature sealed waterproof connectors
Easy Install Universal interface into the lamp assembly
Output 1400LM