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Xenon Depot Stage 2 LED Lighting Kit For Tacoma (2016-2021)

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CURATED: There are too many options when it comes to lighting upgrades for the Toyota Tacoma, and this kit is perfect for the guys for who want to spend more time behind the wheel than online, navigating what products fit perfectly, work right, and perform even better! Here, you get nothing but the best options for a simple LED low beam and high beam, and fog light upgrade for your 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 or new 2021 Toyota Tacoma truck. We'll curate the right stuff, you just worry about the install (and the first destination-in-the-dark to test it all out!)

FIRST THINGS FIRST, THE HEADLIGHTS: The stock halogen headlights on the 16-21 Toyota Tacoma are simply awful. The off-white halogen bulbs barely cut it for driving in the dark with much confidence. This kit includes the best option for plug n play LED headlight bulbs, AND the right wiring harness needed for a full plug n play install on your Tundra.

HIGH BEAMS: Now that you've got a brighter and more useful low beam, you need to up the ante for the high beam too, otherwise the stock one will barely add much in the way of extra light when you need it most (nor will it match in color). This kit includes the proper bulbs for an easy and effective high beam upgrade too. Check!

FOG LIGHTS: Last but not least for the Stage II Tacoma Lighting Package: The fog lights. Here, it's not as easy an option because we carry so many great choices for Tacoma LED fog lights, but, these aren't just plug n play bulbs either. The options in this kit are full replacement assemblies. Why? Because they're only marginally more expensive, no harder to install, and way more effective.

OPTION ONE: Morimoto's XB LED fog lights specifically designed for the 16-21 Toyota Tacoma trucks. These things produce an amazingly wide beam pattern that is much brighter and smoother than stock. For a fog light, their beam pattern puts all of the light exactly where you want it; filling in the foreground directly on the road in front of your truck, and far off to the left and right side. They look OEM-like with the gloss black interior, simple projector lens, and clean design. These are not the brightest of the bunch, but we will caution that when it comes to fog lights, you really don't want it to be any brighter than the dimmest part of your headlight beam in the foreground, which really makes these blend perfectly with your beam pattern. Definitely the most bang for the buck option for an all-around excellent LED fog light for the Tacoma.

OPTION TWO: Baja Designs Squadron SAE fog lights are an excellent choice as well. While often mistaken for 'off road' LED pods because that's what they look like, the SAE optics produce a wide beam pattern that's street legal and ideal for fog lights too. These will be brighter than the Morimoto fog lights, are available with either white or yellow output (yellow for driving in poor weather conditions), but also cost a bit more, and don't have the same OEM look that the Morimoto's do. If you like maximum output and don't care what they cost or how they look, Baja Designs Squadron series all day.

OPTION THREE: KC HiLites Gravity fogs are another popular choice among Toyota enthusiasts. They fit the truck perfectly, have a subtle look when off, are bomb proof reliable, and who can argue the heritage of the KC HiLites name? They offer them with a white output that will match your headlights perfectly, or yellow (our personal favorite) for those who often drive in poor weather. The yellow light penetrates through the fog, snow, rain, and dust more effectively than white light will, which tends to reflect off particles more than shine through it.

OPTION FOUR: Diode Dynamics SS3 fogs. What can we say, they look like the Baja Designs Squadron SAE's, they're less expensive, also engineered and made in the USA, and have quite a bit of beam pattern options too. The SAE option is street legal and a great option for a true fog light, and the other beam patterns are great for guys who want to use the fog position as an off-road type light. If you like the Baja Design's but aren't fan boy enough to pay the big boy Baja price, the Diode SS3 is a great alternative that gives you mostly the same thing without the Baja bragging rights.

ALL IN ALL: Your Tacoma won't look much different with the lights turned off, but at night, you will have a much brighter and whiter beam. The Xtreme LED Pro headlight bulbs are more than twice as bright as thee stock halogens while retaining the same exact beam pattern, so all of the available light is distributed on the road without creating excess glare to oncoming traffic. That said, the NHTSA does not recognize LED bulbs as a safe form of technology to use inside of your headlamp, so we can only recommend this kit for vehicle owners who do not use their truck on public roads. The fog lights however will be a major upgrade both in terms of looks and performance, and are recognized as street legal options.

CATERED: Yes, you can buy similar upgrades separately (and surely from other vendors too) but when you shell out the big bucks to upgrade your 16-21 Tacoma with our Stage II Lighting system, at least you know you're getting the right stuff to make it work the first time.



  • LOW BEAMS: Xtreme LED Pro System

  • HIGH BEAMS: Xtreme LED Pro System

  • FOG LIGHTS: Morimoto XB LED or Baja Designs Squadron

  • WIRING: Plug and Play Inputs

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years


  • TOYOTA TACOMA: 2016-2021 w/o OEM LEDs


  • LOW/HIGH BEAMS: 3350 Lumens


  • MORIMOTO FOGS: 2400 Lumens


  • SQUADRON FOGS: 5560 Lumens (white)