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5 Mods Under $100 For Your Toyota Tacoma

5 Mods Under $100 For Your Toyota Tacoma

Modifying a new Tacoma is an exciting time for anyone but it can be hard to know what to start with, what brand is best, and how much to spend. You don't have to break the bank to start upgrading your truck though. Here at Tacoma Lifestyle we have plenty of easy to afford upgrades for your truck ranging from decal kits to key fobs that can make your Toyota Tacoma feel like your own. Here is a list of 5 of our favorites!

Where to Buy?

Pop & Lock Tailgate Defender

Price: $32.95

The first item on this list doesn't really do anything to the look of your Tacoma but it will save you a lot of headache. Recently thieves have been known to steal tailgates off of trucks and sell them on sites such as Facebook marketplace. The tailgate on the Tacoma can be stolen in around 30 seconds by an experienced thief and without a way to lock the tailgate on the Tacoma, it becomes an easy target. That is where the Pop & Lock Tailgate Defender comes in. This small product installs in seconds and provides a low cost way to protect your tailgate. All you have to do is fit it around your tailgate hinge, pop it into place, and you're done! It comes with a set of keys incase you ever need to remove it. 

Diode Dynamics Interior Lighting Kit

Price: $62.00

 In stock form the OEM interior lights don't offer much. The bulbs provided aren't very bright and they are a dull yellowish color that gives a very dated feel to your truck. Luckily Diode Dynamics offers a variety of LED bulbs to replace the stock ones that are significantly brighter and give off a white light. Installation is easy too, all you have to do is pop off the plastic cover of the light using a pry tool or flathead screw driver, unplug the old bulbs, and install the new ones. We even have a video showing a step by step install here. Diode Dynamics even offers these in different colors including red and blue. This is a product you'll defiantly want to check out if you are upgrading the interior of your Tacoma.

Tacoma Tailgate Inserts

Price: $49.99

When buying a Tacoma one of the first things many owners do is black out any emblems or logos the truck. One part of the third gen Tacoma many people black out in this process is the rear tailgate "TACOMA" lettering. We offer an overlay that sits perfectly in the embossed letters to completely change the look of the rear end of your Tacoma. These overlays come in a multiple color options and attach to your truck using strips of 3M on the back of the letting. 

Spiker Engineering Hood Stuts

Price: $96.95

Our next upgrade makes getting underneath the hood of your Tacoma much easier. The Spiker Engineering hood struts take roughly 30 minutes to install and open the hood 3-8" more than the OEM hood prop. This gives you more room to work if you are doing engine work, installing anything in your engine bay, or wiring anything to your battery. Another benefit of the Spiker hood struts is if your truck is lifted. Now, instead of having to hold the heavy hood while trying to get the prop tool in place all you have to do is unlatch the hood and the gas struts do the rest! 

Raptor Lights

Price: $59.99

Would this list really be complete without raptor lights? We left the most common and easiest cosmetic upgrade for the Toyota Tacoma last on our list. raptor lights are a great way to add an aggressive look to your Tacoma and we offer them in a couple of different styles including the standard OG amber, smoked amber, clear white, and smoked white. That way you can match your raptor lights to a white DRL or amber DRL headlight. Installation is as easy as tapping a fuse (we recommend your headlight fuse or the EF1 fuse if you want to run them when the truck is on) and grounding the other end or you can watch our install video here

Final Thoughts

If you just bought your Toyota Tacoma you don't have to spend a fortune to start making your truck look the way you want it to. These are just 5 of the many products available for under $100 on our site that can completely change the look and feel of your truck. Just remember to build out your truck the way you want and to have fun while doing it! To shop these products hit the links listed at the top of this post and for similar products make sure to stop by our website



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