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First Drive: 2024 Toyota Tacoma

First Drive: 2024 Toyota Tacoma

The all new 2024 Toyota Tacoma has been hitting dealership floors for the last few months now and we've been very excited to get our hands on one to see if the new Tacoma really lives up to the hype. We still have to wait a few months to get our TRD Pro that we currently have on order but lucky enough for us, CBI Fabrication invited us to come check out their 2024 TRD Off Road Tacoma in Idaho Falls. During our trip we got to see all the new modifications they have planned for the 4th gen Tacoma and take it out for a test drive to see all the new featured Toyota has added to the new truck.

First Thoughts

We got to CBI at 3pm and right when we pulled up to their shop they were bringing the 4th gen Tacoma around from being test fitted for their new covert front bumper. Right off the bat I was blown away with the new underground color on the 4th gen Tacoma. It almost looks like a darker cement color and has a bluish grey look to it when the light hits it right. It really shows off the angular look of this new truck and it has quickly become my favorite color on the new Tacoma. 

The new Tacoma really does look like a mini Tundra and I appreciate that they kept the size of the Tacoma the same as the previous model. From the back of the truck the Tacoma and the Tundra look pretty much identical although from the front you can really tell the difference between the two. The headlights on the new Tacoma are smaller than the previous model but I think its a good look and with the two 10 inch light bars that now serve as fog lights you will still have more than enough light output when you're on the road at night. 

The interior is a huge step up from the 3rd gen Tacoma. CBI did get the premium package on their 2024 Toyota Tacoma so that gives you a sun roof, leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, and wireless charging. Toyota has gone through every area on the interior of the new Tacoma and improved it. 

CBI Upgrades

One thing that stood out to me the second I saw CBI's Tacoma was the size of the tires. As most of you know fitting larger tires on the previous generations of the Tacoma has been a bit of a challenge but when we saw CBI's new Tacoma they had it sitting on 35" tires. When it came to fitting those tires all they had to do was put it on a leveling kit from Peak Suspension. It was rubbing just a little bit in the back of the wheel well but there is a part that you can unbolt that should give you the clearance you need to fit 35s. 

CBI had also added a Prinsu Pro roof rack with Rigid lighting to their Tacoma as well as CBI universal bed bars, CBI rock sliders, and an iKamper rooftop tent which all gave the Tacoma a rugged look and have it prepared to go pretty much anywhere.

First Drive

When we drove the new Tacoma, CBI was in the process of fitting it with their covert front bumper so it was missing the front valance where that bumper mounts. Because of this we weren't able to take the new Tacoma off road but we were able to drive it around and get some first impressions around town. 

We took the new Tacoma to a local park in town and I was seriously impressed with the new drivetrain. The turbo 4 cylinder engine has more torque and power than the previous Tacoma and the turbo spools so early in the rev range that it drives like a N/A truck. Because its a turbocharged engine you get a boost gauge and can hear the blow off valve when you floor it in the new Tacoma which is pretty cool. When sitting at idle and when going over obstacles off road it sounds like a diesel as well which I love.

Final Thoughts

After driving the new Tacoma I am really impressed with everything Toyota has put in the truck. The interior is a huge step up from the current model and the exterior looks amazing. I do have to say I was most impressed with the drivetrain though. The turbo 4 cylinder has plenty of power and the new 8 speed transmission means the truck isn't gear hunting like the last generation was.

Overall the new Tacoma really does live up to the hype people have given it. It is a completely new package for the Tacoma and they have fixed many of the problems the last model had. If you are looking to upgrade your 4th gen Tacoma or any other generation of Tacoma be sure to stop by our website and if you want to know more about the 2024 Tacoma check out our YouTube review of CBI's Tacoma here!

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