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6 Must Have Products To Better Protect Your Tacoma From Theft

6 Must Have Products To Better Protect Your Tacoma From Theft

Securing your Tacoma is one of the best things you can do. No one wants to waste hundreds on replacing a tail gate when they could be wasting hundreds on that aftermarket grille that gives you an increase of 50 horse power! These products help give you a peace of mind and help protect you from people who think the parts on your Tacoma is theirs for the taking. 

Pop and Lock Tailgate Defender Tacoma Lifestyle


Unfortunately, tailgates are being stolen at a high rate due to them being extremely valuable and can be stolen in seconds even if you have an OEM lock on your tailgate. With this product, you are able to protect your tailgate and it takes seconds to do!

The tailgate defender fits around the passenger side of the tailgate hinge and locks the tailgate to the truck. Once locked into place, the tailgate can easily opened and close as usual but can not be removed. This low cost option is a no brainer for the peace of mind it gives you. 

Find Tailgate Defender HERE 

Pop and Lock Powered Tailgate Lock Tacoma Lifestyle


This product locks and unlocks with your key remote. It automatically locks tailgate when the power doors are locked. This product mounts inside the tailgate hidden from the view. This kit comes with a plug & play T-harness and plugs directly into the OEM wire harness making it a super simple install.  This kit has loomed wires with het-resistant fabric tape, and because of the OEM style connectors it reduces the number of wire to wire connectors. 

Find Powered Tailgate Lock HERE

Pop and Lock Tacoma Bed Vault Tacoma Lifestyle


Pop & Lock's bed vault product allows you to have a secure storage compartment for keys, wallets, phones, or other small items you might not want on your person whether it is a walk, run, hike, etc. This replaces the factory plastic cover for the small passenger pocket compartment in the bed of your Tacoma.  

This vault is constructed out of a heavy duty 14-gauge steel, and comes powder-coated black. It has a 3 dial combination lock with a dust cover and can be installed in minutes. 

Find Bed Vault HERE

Cali Raised Catalytic Converter Shield Tacoma Lifestyle


This shield from Cali Raised is laser cut and CNC bent, made with American 12 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel. This product gives you one of the best ways to protect your catalytic converter. The circular hole design on this product provides ample heat dissipation while still maintaining high quality. 

This kit includes a passenger and driver side cat guard with security hardware and tool. The best part of this cat guard is it is compatible with 99% of the skid plates on the market. It is a complete bolt on product that will require no drilling, welding, or any other modifications to your vehicle. 

Find Catalytic Converter Shield HERE

Bos Strong Box Center Console Vault Tacoma Lifestyle


The Boss Strongbox boasts security and is specifically built to fit snug in the center console of your Toyota Tacoma. This vault is double layered 14 gauge cold-rolled steel. These are American made and have a lifetime garuntee.

Strongbox has spent 10+ years building boxes for Law Enforcement and the Federal Government. They are now bringing years of knowledge and product design to the consumer market. This box was built with the same security features as their standard handgun boxes, with a double layered lid, pry-block, lock-shield, and a high security key. 

Find Center Console Vault HERE

Pop and Lock Catalytic Converter Security Device


Unfortunately catalytic converters are one of the most widely stolen items from an unattended vehicle. With this product from Pop & Lock you will be able to easily confuse thieves and will take too much time and effort for it to be worth stealing. 

This product helps increase security. Between the noise and effort this will make it extremely difficult for a thief. This is designed with all stainless steel components, and is resistant to corrosion despite being exposed to the harshest of vehicle environments. This product can be easily installed within 30 minutes, and its' unique design creates individual security loops through each channel of the security plate making it difficult to defeat. Optimized cable length provides flexibility for wrapping techniques while installing, and no drilling or welding needed! 

Find Catalytic Converter Security Device HERE


In conclusion, these products will help bring piece of mind and is an easier swipe of the card compared to the hundreds of dollars replacing any items that might be stolen without the preventative products mentioned above. What did we miss? Feel free to leave any comments or questions below! 





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Laura Martinez - March 4, 2024

Theft has become the norm in Austin and my son got the truck of his dreams. I immediately gifted him a cage to install underneath his Tacoma, but am wondering if there is a steering wheel bar that you would recommend or are you useless?

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