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Whats Better for Your Tacoma Amber or Yellow?

Whats Better for Your Tacoma Amber or Yellow?

Whether you are on team orange amber or team yellow amber we can all agree it serves a purpose that white LEDs just can't. When using aftermarket LEDs that are white, there are less contrast compared to a lower temperature of color like amber. The white also has have shorter wavelength which results in more refraction. This means there will be more glare when driving in bad weather conditions such as dust, rain, snow, or fog.


With amber or yellow aftermarket lights they have a longer wavelength. What this means is it can penetrate more than a white light. These two colors don't reflect off of airborne particles which makes it an excellent option for fog, snow, dust, or rain. They do have some downsides which is obviously why they don't come standard on vehicles like the white does.

So which option is better for you? Is one better than the other? Lets go over a few different options in lighting and you can make that choice for yourself. Both amber and yellow prove themselves helpful on and off the trail but now it comes down to what fits the budget or even what lights look cooler in your opinion!



The most budget friendly option to add some amber to your lights is using an amber lamin-x. Specifically this option is for your fog lights and it comes in a pair of two. This is a transparent protection film that adheres to your fog lights not only protecting your OEM housing from rocks are other debris but also giving you an amber output from your existing fogs. 

Find it HERE 

Heretic Studios 

This company makes all of our their products here in the USA. When it comes to lighting they boast giving you the best lighting on the market. The amber lights they offer can either be a direct replacement with their fog light kit, or a variety of different size pods and light bars. This pure amber lights up the night and will cut through any fog, snow, or dust that it encounters. 

Find lights HERE 

Cali Raised

Cali Raised is a great option especially if maybe you don't like the look of amber lenses. Cali Raised housing makes it seem like it is a white LED but the LED chips in the housing are amber. These are super bright and are a great option if you like it to match any white pods or light bars that you have. They have this available for their fog light replacements, pods, and light bars. 

Find lights HERE


This company has been known for years as one of the most reliable lights on the market. KC has recently revamped and has given us some amazing options including exact fog light replacements for your Tacoma. 

Find lights HERE


Baja Design


This company is known industry wide for being super bright and high quality. Baja also has a unique function where it gives your lights a sweet DRL function when the lights aren't actively being used. But when they are the yellow pierces through the night, dust, fog, and snow. This company has vehicle specific replacements for your Tacoma, and has other pods and light bars for your rig. 

Find Lights HERE

Diode Dynamics 

Diode Dynamics is taking over the off-road community. Their lights are quality and also have the ability to have a sweet orange backlight when your lights aren't being used. Diode also has specific kits to replace your fog lights as well as offering pods and light bards. They also have a linkable kit that gives you pods for up top but as opposed to these being a yellow LED you use a lense cap to light up the night with the yellow amber. 

Find Lights HERE 


In conclusion you can't go wrong with either option of yellow or amber. They both give you the same benefits off-road. It just comes down to whether or not you prefer one color or the other, as well as what lights fit into the budget the most. 


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