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Yota Twins Paracord Rack/Grab Handle V2.0

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These grab handles can be mounted anywhere! They are specifically designed to mount to most roof racks including the Prinsu, Frontrunner, Martin, Victory4X4, SherpaEC, Uptop Bravo, Cali Raised, Spider & many more that will create a comfortable grip for your hand.

Each grab handle is approximately 9” long (7.5” for Up Top Bravo & 10.5" for Cali Raised) from paracord end to end. Constructed from 550 paracord in a “cobra” style weave with stainless steel hardware. The eye nuts are powder coated matte black for a stealthy appearance and are pre-assembled on each end of the grab handle. Sold in pairs. Includes all hardware for installation.

Each grab handle has a black TRIPLE loop base, overlaid with a cobra weave. The weave is black with one of the listed colors. Combo weaves include the OD Green/ Camo Sand, LOT Theme, RETRO Theme, and the Red White & blue.

Paracord is USA made 550#, fade resistant, UV resistant, very strong, and durable. Use scotchgard for extra protection from the elements. Please note: Pink is not UV resistant and will fade if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

What is included in the package:

-Set of 2 grab handles with attached black powder coated stainless steel eye nuts (1/4” thread)

-¼” Stainless steel washers (8)

-¼” Stainless steel lock washers (4)

-¼” x ¾” Stainless steel bolts (4)


Cali Raised racks have built in threaded holes for handles. One of these threaded holes or both (per handle) would need to be drilled out to install the handles with our hardware.

Handles are hand woven & may have minor imperfections. Allow 1-3 business days to process orders. USPS first-class shipping. FREE SHIPPING in the USA.  

30 day warranty from manufacturer’s defects. All products are inspected thoroughly before shipping. 20% restocking fee for returns.

Disclaimer: The use of these grab handles is at your own risk. Handles are designed to assist. Even though they are very strong, we do not recommend hanging your entire body weight from the handles. We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any injuries or damages caused through the use of products or services purchased from us.